Training Modules

Our customizable training options are presented live and can be purchased for as little as $160.  Below is a sample listing of our featured sessions:

Leading the Way
An interactive look at what makes employees leaders. Focus on examining current work behaviors and incorporating leadership behaviors to cultivate an empowered workforce.

Manage This!
Explore the strengths and weaknesses of your leadership team. Use the understanding of personal leadership styles to shape the culture of your company.

Are We There Yet?
A motivational shot in the arm for your workforce. Get to the root of sluggish performance and clarify expectations to reach your organizational goals.

Stop It!
An in-depth look at the various forms of workplace harassment. This seminar can be a pro-active approach to addressing workplace harassment or a compliance seminar used in conjunction with a formal harassment awareness program.

Tear Down This Wall!
What does workplace diversity mean to you? This unique seminar approaches diversity in a global, non-threatening, yet meaningful way. A must for workplaces struggling with employee differences — regardless of the cause.