Creating a Supervisor Training Program


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Aug 1st, 2011

Supervisors have a diverse role within organizations. They are educators, sponsors, coaches, counselors, and directors. For newly minted and senior supervisors alike, a common concern is where should they look for tools to guide them in these roles? Obviously, their respective organizations should be providing them with the support they need to effectively execute their roles. But, when you’re the lone star of the HR Department, developing a Supervisor Training Program may sound like a tall order.

When your CEO casts a shadow in your doorway and asks you to deliver a comprehensive supervisor training program, don’t be intimated by the task. The Society for Human Resource Management recommends the following components of any training program for supervisors:

  • Role of the Supervisor
  • Employment Law
  • Company Policies and Practices
  • Quality Management
  • Performance Evaluations and Performance Counseling
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Sexual Harassment Awareness Training

Depending upon where you are in developing your supervisory talent, you may incorporate all of these components into a three to four hour class, or you may beak each one out into a separate class, creating a true “academy” for your supervisors to attend. The good news is, no matter how you decide to start the program; you can always tweak it by developing more content and inviting outside speakers to deliver topics that you are not as familiar with.

Think of your training program as an evolutionary process. As your supervisors develop, your content will develop by becoming more stringent and challenging. As you add new and more challenging content, consider saving older versions for an introduction course for new supervisors.

Now that you know the basic element s of any supervisor training program, if you feel stuck in terms of “what” information to deliver, the Society for Human Resource Management has customizable sample presentations for most of these areas. The presentations are free to members.

Go forth and train!

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