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Jul 23rd, 2010

Embarking on a new career path is exhilarating and inspiring. Between the bursts of exhilaration and inspiration, we know that doubt can sometimes settle in. You may wonder, “Is my résumé good enough?” “Does my cover letter stand out?” “Did I say the right thing in my interview?” We know you have these questions, because we all have them.

In today’s tight job market, landing the perfect job – or almost perfect job – requires you to take advantage of all the advice you can get. University career centers and Internet searches are a good start, but these resources can’t always provide the specialized one-on-one focus you desire.

Whether you want a mock interview, a specially crafted presentation, or a simple review of your resume and cover letter, we are here for you. Don’t discount the competitive edge that personalized career services can give.

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